Krav Maga

February 18, 2009

Last night was my first Krav Maga class. I attended a beginner’s induction two weeks ago, but this time, I was thrown in with the masses. There were about…30 people there, and only two of us were girls. (And I’m not allowed to wear jewelry during practice, so I had no wedding ring on. I felt quite naked without it! I forget how much I rely on it to broadcast that I’m NOT INTERESTED.)

At one point, we took turns punching each other in the stomach.  Punching.  Each other.  In the stomach.

Even stranger, however, was the moment during a later drill when the teacher turned off the lights.  I stopped and waited.  My partner urged me to keep going, to continue fighting him in the dark.  He made the very good point that if I ever do get attacked, it is quite likely to be at night, so it only makes sense to practice that way.  It definitely freaked me out.

I’m taking classes with the Institute of Krav Maga UK, and so far (two whole weeks!), they’ve treated me well. The beginner’s induction class was in another town (centrally located to all of Thames Valley), but as I have no car, it was not that convenient of a location for me. I called the director, whom at that time I had never met, and he arranged for me to get a ride with the instructor.  Which meant that the very first action I took to participate in a self-defense class was to get into the car with a stranger.  For that reason, I dragged Michael along.  Although he of course made the point that if an expert in Krav Maga decided to attack me, Michael would probably not really be able to stop him.

I’m quite excited about taking my safety into my own hands though.  I only wish I could learn it all straightaway.  A 90-minute class once a week means it’ll be rather slow-going.  Regardless, I feel stronger already.  Not physically stronger (yet!), but more mentally aware and just…in control.


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