Vegetarian Recipes.

February 19, 2009

My resolution (well, one of them) for 2009 was to make the move towards becoming a vegetarian. It’s a move I’ve wanted to make for a few years now, but my two (flimsy) excuses are:
1. I crave meat. Most specifically cheeseburgers.
2. All of the recipes I can easily fall back on involve meat. I’m the cook of the family, and if I’m not in the mood to cook, I usually just whip up an old stand-by. And every single stand-by involves meat.

The way I decided to attempt this conversion was to aim for an average of x+1 days a week as vegetarian days, with x being the number of days from the previous month. Therefore, January needed to average out to one vegetarian day per month, February needed 2, and so forth.

That would mean I would become a full-fledged vegetarian in July. Weak, I know, to take that long, but I’ve tried to go cold turkey before, and that got me nowhere. And I do not yet know how I will finally say good-bye to sushi. (Cheeseburgers are probably my favorite food, but ultimately, I think salmon sashimi will be the hardest to give up.)

I did some searching on the internet though. Recipe sites with vegetarian options. Some sites are geared towards a vegetarian audience, but some are just about cooking in general and simply allow you to search with a vegetarian-friendly mindset.

Basically, I need to know that I have no excuses anymore. There are too many possibilities out there of healthy, wholesome, and delicious meals that do not have meat.

And so, a sampling:
Cook’s Illustrated
Pioneer Woman (not all of these are vegetarian friendly, but the ones that are look delicious)
Wikibooks Cookbook
BBC Food
VegCooking.com (yes, it’s run by PETA; no, that doesn’t mean the recipes are obnoxious)
Simple Vegetarian Recipes – advertised as “Recipes for Real People,” omg, that’s ME!
ukfamily.co.uk, a Disney company, ooh.
VIVA – Vegetarians International Voice for Animals
Happy Cow (bonus link! Vegetarian friendly restaurants all over the world!)
Veggie Meal Plans
Fatfree Vegan Kitchen



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