Lists Compiled in My Head to Pass the Time While Running

March 1, 2009

Body Parts in Pain:
1. knee (right)
2. knee (left)
3. hip (left)
4. ankle (right)
5. ball of foot (left)
6. big toe (right)

Items of Clothing I Wish I Had Brought With Me Instead of Leaving in Storage:
1. navy blue J. Crew pea coat
2. white H&M sweater
3. black Columbia zip-up fleece
4. orange Anthropologie pants
5. the rest of my sports bras – what was I thinking to only bring 5?!

Cute Girl Names:
1. Sutton Blue
2. Harper Belle
3. Rebel Scarlett

Favorite Celebrities:
1. Michelle Williams (of Dawson’s Creek fame, not the one from Destiny’s Child)
2. Zooey Deschanel
3. Jason Bateman
BONUS! – Celebrity I am Embarrassed to Like: Ashlee Simpson

People I Hated Most on Today’s Run:
1. The man who propped up his bike to block 100% of the path and then walked away
2. The woman who allowed her muddy border collie (cute as he was) to jump on me

Ways in Which I was Worried My Body Might Fail Me at Any Given Moment on the Run, But Which, Thankfully, It Did Not:
1. I could have pissed myself.
2. I could have vomited.
3. My legs could have simply fallen off at the hips.


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