March 17, 2009

I’ve always thought of myself as a tomboy. Not like a tree-climbing, football-playing tomboy. After all, climbing trees hurts, and playing football…hurts. And neither are fun. But because I knew I wasn’t a girly-girl (considering I wear high heels about eight times a year, and I can barely fix my own hair, and make-up remains a mystery to me), I figured that put me squarely in the tomboy category.

This makes Michael laugh.

And when I show up at Krav Maga in my yoga pants and colorful tank top, armed with my pink water bottle – with flowers and butterflies on it no less – well, I realize maybe I’m more of a girly-girl than I give myself credit for.

Did I mention that the tank top I wore to tonight’s class was made especially for my sister’s bachelorette party? I chose it because it was green (see today’s date).

About football, by the way. I actually joined a girls’ flag football league my freshman year of college. I think I lasted one game. Maybe two? There were two major problems, you see.

1. There is still hitting in flag football. Did you know this? I did not know this. People would PLOW into you in an attempt to get to someone else’s flag. They called it blocking. I called it pain, incredible and unnecessary pain.

2. Practice was Friday afternoon. In the field outside Sid. But on Friday afternoons, students would play music from the upper floors of Sid. Radio Free Sid, they called it. And if you’re standing in grass on a beautiful, sunny Friday afternoon and there is music playing, what do you do? YOU DANCE. Or at least, I dance.

I don’t think anyone minded when I quit the team.

But I’m not ready to quit Krav just yet! There is hitting, and there is pain, but the reward (the ability to defend myself should the need arise) makes this pain worth it in my eyes. Besides, they need someone like me to bring some cheer to the room. Colorful clothes and nervous giggles. Definitely a girly-girl.


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