Leave No Trace.

April 13, 2009

Look how fun! The Incredible Veggie Show!

I’m going.

On Saturday, I went to three separate bookstores looking for either Becoming Vegan or The Vegan Sourcebook, and came up dry at each. When I asked staff members for help locating books on a vegan lifestyle, they all tried to direct me towards the cooking section. I explained that I wasn’t in need of recipes but in need of information on nutrition and on incorporating the vegan philosophy into all aspects of your life. No one really seemed to understand. Although at the last store, the girl looked at me blankly for only a second until her face lit up and she said, “Our health and nutrition section has a lot of books by…you know, like, gurus or whatever.” Just what I need! A vegan guru!

But their health and nutrition section did not actually have any books by vegan gurus.

So I came home empty-handed and prepared to purchase the book on Amazon, only to find out that Amazon removed LGBT literature from its sales rankings, which they claim was due to a “glitch” and will soon be corrected. Uh huh.

It sure is hard being an ethical consumer these days, lol.

Ways in which I am trying:
* grabbing my staples such as brown rice, coffee beans, and vegan chocolate at RISC’s fair trade World Shop (that’s right; chocolate is a staple in my world)
* stocking up on bulk items, such as nuts, lentils, and dried fruit at True Food Co-op
* using Faith in Nature health and beauty products
* buying my produce at the local Farmer’s Market (there’s another one that pops up multiple times a week that I shop at more often, but that one has no website)

Back in October, when I first moved here, I had high hopes on composting, but that’s turning out to be a bust. It’s pretty grody. But I suppose, soon enough, I must try, try again.


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