Farmer’s Market Haul.

March 30, 2010

Tuesday = Farmer’s Market Day. There are other days and other markets, but this is the one that is a two minute walk from my house. And I have my buds there who talk to me in Dutch and forgive me when I either speak to them in English or in completely broken and at times probably unintelligible Dutch.

Although one booth there will be the death of me. Dried fruit and banana chips and sugar-coated peanuts, and I can’t say no to any of them. And sure, I could attempt to walk right past his stall, but I need dates! When I make raw desserts (for no reason other than fascination), dates are my main sweetener.

But I’m announcing it here. Next week, I will stop there to purchase dates and only dates.

But other than dates (both fresh and dried) and sugar-coated peanuts (so naughty), I also bought:
walnuts (I will be using these to make my own version of cruelty-free parmesan cheese)
blood oranges (so pretty!)
bok choy
peppers (both bell and chili)
sweet potatoes
mushrooms (continuing my attempt to become a Master Mushroom Eater, of course)

Yesterday’s meal plan mentioned that I’d be choosing tonight’s vegetable side based on the farmer’s market, so I’ll be using the bok choy. It’s pretty much the perfect side to sweet and sour tofu.

There was no fresh corn to be found though (for tomorrow night’s kale and corn side), so I stepped into the store for that. Otherwise, I was pretty pleased.

How can I not be? Especially with the strawberries and blood oranges. They just scream spring!

*Jacked that photo from Wikipedia btw…



  1. That’s awesome! Gotta love the farmer’s markets 🙂 Way to go on your haul, and thanks for posting!

    • Spring and summer are what farmer’s markets are all about! While I do enjoy a lot of autumn vegetables, they just can’t compare to the colors that start to pop up at the farmer’s market in spring!

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