Week 9. Day 1.

April 20, 2010

I was heading north along Gestelsestraat when the man next to me on the sidewalk dropped a toilet seat.

I hadn’t even realized he was carrying components of a toilet until the one piece tumbled down the front of his body and landed on the uneven brick sidewalk.

Various thoughts flashmobbed my brain as I tried to consider if common courtesy dictated that I help him retrieve the dropped seat, as he was balancing the other pieces rather precariously in his attempt to lean over and reach it.

After all, just yesterday did I read about Dutch-American Friendship Day.

Luckily, he managed to grab the seat in a timely fashion, relieving me of any Good Samaritan duties.

Because I’m not sure if friendship demands aid in toilet-related activities. As new and unused as those toilets might be.

Besides, I had other things on my mind.

Like the fact that a mere five weeks ago, five miles was my “long run” of the week. But today, I was embarking on the first of two five mile “easy runs” for this week. Just because a training program calls a run easy doesn’t make it so.

Also on my mind: the knowledge that my ponytail so haphazardly whipping around my head could only mean that today would be one of those logic-defying runs, in which the wind blows from all 360 degrees, giving you no respite in any direction.

And finally, there was the full-fledged hyperawareness of an invisible pebble in my shoe, that I had already attempted twice to remove but hadn’t been able to find. My fourth toe on my left foot knew right where it was, but apparently, that wasn’t enough for me to masterfully get rid of it. The pebble, I mean, not my toe.

But Toilet Man and wind and pebble aside, I got my five miles in. 5.15, to be exact.

Only six more weeks before I decide if this is the year of the marathon.


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