Nathan’s Still in the Netherlands.

April 28, 2010

Well, he isn’t here NOW. But this is simply the next segment of Nathan in the Netherlands.

And we’re still telling the story using his pictures!

Although I’m not sure how many more stories we really have. After a full day in Amsterdam, then the night at the dance club 24 hours later, we allowed the rest of the trip to be a lot less action-packed.

Well, in all honesty, the morning after the dance club was less action-packed for obvious reasons. Yes, the beers were small, but we didn’t move to those until after dinner at a Mexican restaurant, which involved margaritas for the Gorkas and frilly coconut-based cocktails for Nathan, and then no less than three bars before settling in at our final destination.

We did go running twice (4.8 miles Friday morning and 5K Sunday morning) and walked the dogs like the good people we are and we went shopping – Nathan wanted a jumper (and unlike the narrator in yesterday’s story, I mean jumper in the British sense) that would last him through the summer, so a thin one, and I wanted grey skinny jeans, which I did not find while he was here, but I DID find them this past Friday, and I love them so much I want to be buried in them.

Oh, and we found a chocolate store, and Nathan bought a couple of boxes of chocolates to bring home to a) his parents and b) his co-workers, and while we were there, I asked the woman if she had any vegan options. But thanks to the language barrier, I skipped out on the word vegan, and just asked if she had milk-free options. And she said yes.

Nathan can vouch for it. She said yes.

But then, this past Friday, Michael and I returned to the store and there was a different woman and I asked if she could help me pick out the chocolates that had no milk and no butter, and at the mention of no butter, this woman’s mouth dropped open as if I were asking her to light me on fire. She was absolutely horrified. And she pretended to faff about with some paperwork behind the counter, looking for a list of ingredients, then she came up empty and looked at me with a slightly less horrified look on her face and said, “All of these. They all have at least a little butter.”

So we left.

But no fear! I had grey skinny jeans in my shopping bag. Nothing could bring me down. Not even a great denial of chocolate.

This post was supposed to be about Nathan in the Netherlands.

Oh, so we did do one more big thing while Nathan was here. We visited Efteling Amusement Park.


That’s the entrance. And the clouds’ colors may have been tweaked a little bit, it’s true. But the entrance was grand nonetheless. And the park was fun. It was closer to Disneyworld than Cedar Point – more about fun for the whole family than it was centered around thrill-seeking, death-defying rides, but we rode the rides more than once, although I do admit to skipping out on the Viking Boat style ride just because it was nearing the end of the day by that point and there’s no real fear on the boat ride – except the fear that your lunch is going to come back up.

But Michael did say I was the best kind of companion at an amusement park, which is sweet. He only meant that some people get off rides and are simply too cool for school, so all that’s left to do is head to the next one. But not me. I giggle maniacally for at least a full minute after every ride.

Giggling is how I express my terror.

But while Nathan and I were walking around town, doing our shopping and our eating and our general passage of time, he did take some lovely pics of my city. This one was taken the night we went dancing:


And if you look closely, you’ll see it’s the same area in the second picture of my post of downtown Eindhoven. It’s neat that they turn those lights on at night. For no reason other than being pretty, I assume.

For being a city mostly known for its association with Philips Electronics, Eindhoven’s still pretty interesting in that everywhere you turn, you are confronted by a sometimes confusing mix of medieval churches and modern architecture. A lot of the modern architecture doesn’t even seem to have a point. Except to be itself. Does that make it post-modern?

I don’t know.

But it’s cool to look at.


What’s also cool is the fact that the following two pictures were taken on the same block. Looking in the exact same direction.


The picture above is of the Van Abbemuseum, which we visited and whose visit will be the theme of my last write-up of Nathan’s time here, and the picture below was taken while we were standing on the museum’s grounds and continuing to look east, at Pub Street.


My favorite part of that picture is the opposite side of the street – the blue area with the green door? That entire building is under construction. The blue wall with the green door is actually scaffolding protection the work, and someone has simply painted the wood to make it look like a streetfront. So nice of them to think of the view.



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