Will Nathan ever LEAVE the Netherlands?!

May 5, 2010

Welcome to entry 3 of 3 posts detailing Nathan’s time here in the Netherlands.

And I joke about Nathan never leaving, but we actually had a close call. He left a mere two days before northern European airspace shut down thanks to the Icelandic volcano. And we’re friends and all, but my apartment is tiny, and I don’t know how much longer we could’ve really survived up in each other’s grills like that.

But no need to discuss the what ifs and plan Bs. Because he did catch his plane home. And now all we have left are memories. AND PICTURES.

I do fear you’ll be disappointed by these pictures, however. They were all taken while we were in the Van Abbemuseum. And you can see Michael’s back in one.

But the rest is simply of the ~art~ we saw in the museum.

Just a reminder of what the lovely museum looks like from the outside:

It’s a museum of mostly modern art. My least favorite kind. There was this whole section by Soviet artist Eli Lissitzky and I felt oppressed just looking at it. Nothing against him, I suppose. Just that style of art.

Though I suppose stuff like this isn’t so bad:

Although really, most of it was art that made me wrinkle my nose and want to leave. I’M SORRY, ELI LISSITZKY’S FAMILY. Just in case they ever stumble across this. Although perhaps you could make yourself feel better by just knowing that your ancestor is making me feel something, which is really a lot for an artist to accomplish, even if what’s it making me feel is the need to do cartwheels through a field just to remind myself that I am free.

And I shouldn’t complain too much about the museum’s chosen style. After all, I enjoyed the design of the building itself. Like its diagonal internal structure:

Even the museum maps were cool:

And yes, part of that coolness is the pic, but you’ll just have to trust that even looking at the maps straight on, they were neat.

Then there was this whole other section exploring the question of who owns art. Sure, the artist creates it, but then once the museum gets its hands on it, what rights come with that ownership? So they were doing this whole bit where they were recreating a specific piece of artwork in their minimalist section and then raffling them off.

Kind of interesting.

This is not the piece they’re recreating:

But it is Michael!

And to close, have a peek at my favorite piece in the entire museum:

It’s yellow. And it’s self-referential. And it’s whimsical.

I’d go to a museum filled with such pieces.

kk, this brings us to the end of our fun-filled five days with Nathan in the Netherlands.

To recap, there was Amsterdam, there was shopping, there was live music, there was booty shaking, there was science, there was art, there was photography, there was running, there was roller coaster riding, there was a good time had by all.


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