I started this page because I realized I was typing the same emails over and over again to different people in my life back home.

Of course, the second I started this page, I realized that writing a blog is nothing like writing emails. I much prefer knowing my audience. And to this day, I still write my family more than I update the blog. Because I can be a bit more open with them.

Bratty, even.

But now that this blog exists, I figure I might as well try to update it every now and then. And who knows. Perhaps I’ll end up doing something real with it someday. (Probably not though.)

So that’s the about: this blog. Now for about: me.

Melissa, age 29, married with two dogs, American living in the Netherlands.

Well, all of that is true as of March, 2010. Although only the age and place of residence change all that often. So there’s no real need to check this page for updates. Especially as any update will probably only be exciting as the above.

Meaning, not at all.



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