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The last train out of London is a slow one.

April 2, 2010

From October 2008 to December 2009, I lived about a half hour outside of London. That is, it took 30 minutes on a fast train to get from my town to Paddington station. Or the reverse.

The last fast train was around midnight though. After midnight, there were only local trains. So if you were lucky enough to catch the very last train for the night, then you were unlucky enough to have to stop at





between the lights of London and the ultimate walk home through the city centre of my town, a university town.

Imagine the drunkenness I witnessed. During both legs of my journey.

I watched people pass out and miss their stops. I watched people pass out and drool. I listened as competing factions of football fans attempted to out sing each other with their teams’ cheers.

Young males posturing, college girls flirting, it was all so predictable every time.

And I’m not quite sure what made me start thinking about those late night journeys again, but yesterday, I decided to make a mix, inspired by the hour-long train ride that felt four times as long. Then I decided to share that mix:

Click the picture to download.

We have the initial whoosh of excitement as you realize you’ve made it just in time to catch the train. Immediately leading to the gritty determination needed to last the full hour with this crowd of late-night revelers. The slow, slightly dragging middle ground, when you hear the conductor announce Slough and you realize you still have half the trip left.

And finally, the excitement that starts to build as you realize you’re almost there, and you reflect on the fact that the night was a good one, the air outside is crisp, and the walk home is exactly what you need to shake off the griminess of the last train out of London.

I hope you enjoy it.



March 30, 2010

I dare you to listen to Parent Trap, a podcast over at This American Life, and not feel something.

And if you don’t, then why don’t you head over to the Radiolab website to check out the picture mentioned in the podcast.

Follow those links in the order I gave them to you. The picture means that more after hearing the story behind it.


Elvis Perkins in Dearland on NPR’s World Cafe.

April 17, 2009

Just a taste of what my mom and I were able to hear live two weeks ago, when we saw Elvis and co. at ICA. They played four songs on yesterday’s program, including my current favorite, “Shampoo.”

And for your viewing pleasure, a (cell phone) pic from the show on the 6th. This was during “Doomsday,” with which they closed the show.


If I had been thinking clearly, I would have adjusted the shot slightly so as to include the fan in front of me (but a little to the right) who was wearing a lemon-yellow faux angora sweater. That fashion decision needed to live forever in infamy.

IN OTHER NEWS, I ran 12.5 miles yesterday! I may be able to run that half-marathon next month after all. I experimented with eating mid-run for the first time ever, and it was a success. Dried banana chips FTW. I felt like I was flying once the sugar kicked in. Flyyyyyying.


Lily Allen on Morning Becomes Eclectic.

February 19, 2009

Another lovely performance. Occurred yesterday over at kcrw to promote her new album, It’s Not Me, It’s You.

Listen here.


M. Ward on NPR

February 18, 2009

M. Ward performed a live acoustic set yesterday on NPR’s All Songs Considered to celebrate the release of his latest album, Hold Time. The interview gets a bit awkward at times, but the performance itself is very mellow, very pretty.

Listen here.