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Finally, A Work of Non-fiction.

May 21, 2010

Michael is really good at falling asleep. So good, in fact, that he can do so while continuing to hold a conversation. And so good that I was inspired to write a play about it.

Michael and His Nap: Based on True Events

(Melissa and Michael sit in the living room of their apartment. Music plays.)

MICHAEL: Who is this?
MELISSA: Hot Chip.
MICHAEL: Covering a Dandy Warhols song?
MELISSA: Um, I don’t think so. I doubt it.
MICHAEL: What’s the name of the song?
MELISSA: I don’t know. It’s a single mp3 of a live concert so it doesn’t say.

(Several minutes pass. Melissa looks at Michael, who has fallen asleep with his head on a dog bed. She gets up and checks on dinner, then returns to the living room. A few more minutes pass.)

MICHAEL: I guess it’s their own song then.
MELISSA: I guess so.

(Michael turns onto his side. Blackout.)


How we celebrated our sixth anniversary.

February 22, 2010



In addition to drinking very large beers, we also ate a LOT of food – we were in Prague for four days and managed to eat exclusively at vegetarian and vegan restaurants. (Though as you can tell in the pictures above, we were a little more lenient with our drinking establishments.)

We also explored the Prague Castle, enjoyed the Czech Philharmonic, and went for a run in a very hilly Mala Strana.

If only we had run into Sarah Castille. Then the trip would have been complete!


Five years.

March 13, 2009