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Day Trip to Keukenhof.

May 20, 2010

I’ve been told that only old people and tourists go to Keukenhof. And while I do live in the Netherlands now, I’m still pretty much a tourist. And my mom, who visited me last week, was definitely a tourist.

So we went!

And I thought it was beautiful. We spent about 3 hours there, looking at flowers and sculptures and other people and that’s about it.

Oh, and we ate. But when do I go anywhere and not eat? I mean, really.

I have more pictures than I do stories from that day, so why don’t you come on in for both.


Because Generalizing is Efficient.

May 11, 2010

The Dutch love colors, and the Dutch love geometry.

Simple arithmetic, however, seems to evade their grasp. When you go to the grocery store, they round to the nearest 5 cents at the till. My total will be €19.94, and I’ll only get five cents back from a twenty. It’s not just the cashier. The machine itself does bad math. Both ways. If my total is €19.96, I still get five cents back.

I try to tell myself that it’ll even out in the end, but I can’t help but notice that the store seems to come ahead more often. Is it even possible for them to guarantee a house advantage at this game?

Also, the Dutch really are awesomely tall.

What this means, of course, is that the Dutch are from the future. With their superhuman height, their love of analytic geometry, and their utter disdain for pennies. It’s the only explanation for pink and grey cylindrical bike racks. You didn’t know that was a bike rack, did you?

That’s because it’s a bike rack from the future.


Will Nathan ever LEAVE the Netherlands?!

May 5, 2010

Welcome to entry 3 of 3 posts detailing Nathan’s time here in the Netherlands.

And I joke about Nathan never leaving, but we actually had a close call. He left a mere two days before northern European airspace shut down thanks to the Icelandic volcano. And we’re friends and all, but my apartment is tiny, and I don’t know how much longer we could’ve really survived up in each other’s grills like that.

But no need to discuss the what ifs and plan Bs. Because he did catch his plane home. And now all we have left are memories. AND PICTURES.

So. If you want to see those pictures, you’ll have to click this line here. So do it. Click.



May 4, 2010

Like other areas of concentrated marine debris in the world’s oceans, it is thought, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch formed gradually as a result of marine pollution gathered by oceanic currents.

I learned my first big lesson in photography this week. I’ve read just about every Beginner’s Tips and Photography 101 website there is, and I had taken in the words that these sites printed, with their tongue-in-cheek lesson number 2 (after the number one tip of Take Your Camera Everywhere), but I didn’t really GET the lesson. Until Friday, April 30.


Queen’s Day.

Come inside to hear all about the biggest street party I may have ever seen.


Shoes on a Wire.

May 2, 2010

Perhaps the answer lies within each of us, shoe-slinger and non-shoe-slinger alike.


Nathan’s Still in the Netherlands.

April 28, 2010

Well, he isn’t here NOW. But this is simply the next segment of Nathan in the Netherlands.

And we’re still telling the story using his pictures!

Although I’m not sure how many more stories we really have. After a full day in Amsterdam, then the night at the dance club 24 hours later, we allowed the rest of the trip to be a lot less action-packed.

Well, in all honesty, the morning after the dance club was less action-packed for obvious reasons. Yes, the beers were small, but we didn’t move to those until after dinner at a Mexican restaurant, which involved margaritas for the Gorkas and frilly coconut-based cocktails for Nathan, and then no less than three bars before settling in at our final destination.

We did more than just drink while he was here though. I promise.


Nathan in the Netherlands.

April 25, 2010

As I’ve mentioned before, Nathan is real.

And he came for a visit!

Nathan is a proper photographer, studied it in college and all that, so I asked his permission to use HIS photos to tell of our adventures, and he graciously obliged. I did edit them, both in number of photos used and the size of the chosen ones, so that they wouldn’t overwhelm my layout. Unfortunately, in doing so, I took away some of his artistic touch, but I do hope he doesn’t mind.

I figure I’ll make this a series of Nathan in the Netherlands. Because with each picture will come many, many words, and while Lindsay is the only person in my life who admits to only skimming my writings (older sisters get away with so much), I’m sure that other people are just as tempted from time to time. Breaking up the memories may make them more palatable for my family member readers.

Click here to find all of those words and the promised pictures behind the cut.